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Julian Mansoor Daman

Attorney At Law

Julian is the new kid on the block. A fresh face in immigration law who also handles criminal cases to insure due process for citizens and non-citizens alike. He’s personable, intelligent, and just as fierce in the courtroom as his mentor and mother – Eman. Julian combines his sharp writing skills and his ability to litigate to stun the opposition and create victories for his clients. He is results driven and detail oriented to accomplish success for his clients.

Julian graduated with a Bachelor in the Arts and Letters from Michigan State University in 2014. Like his parents, he too earned his law degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, in 2018. Upon graduation, he joined forces with his mother to create Michigan’s first mother-son law team specializing in immigration and criminal law. Julian also utilized his passion for criminal defense to expand the practice to take on misdemeanors, traffic offenses and felonies. Julian was born and raised in Michigan, but as the first-generation offspring of two immigrants he empathizes and advocates for those who come to the United States to make a better life for themselves and future generations. Julian is also bi-lingual.

Julian believes that everyone deserves a fair chance to start over. Whether that means leaving everything behind somewhere in the world and coming to the United States or committing a crime and being given the opportunity of a second chance. Julian stands for our constitution and the right to due process – that everyone has the chance to prove their claim in a court of law. And with that right, Julian believes that it is essential that a person be afforded effective, competent, and hard-working representation. His mission is to be the people’s voice and to give them the best representation possible regardless of who they are or where they come from.